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Price Guide

With my pricing each cake creation is custom made, each cake design has different cake needs and requirements, therefore  I cannot offer a set price list.   As a general rule my cakes and toppers are priced accordingly with my time allocation, ingredients and materials such as boards, ribbons, and board covering, cake box etc.  There are a lot of different elements that help create your unique cake and I price each one individually. With all my cake i finish them off on a fondant covered board with matching ribbon.

Using the cakes i have previously created  below i have listed the base price guide in which prices start from.

Buttercream  Style Cakes                       

Mininum size cakes feed approx  10-15

Prices start at $140+

Approx 30

Prices start at$180+

2 Tier cakes

Prices start at $240

 Fondant Style Cakes

Minimum size feeds approx 20 people

 Approx 20 people

$240 +

Approx 40 People


Approx 60 People

$360 +

Approx 80 people

$400 +

2 Tier Cakes 

Start at $285

3 Tier Cakes

Start at $365

3D or Sculpted  Cakes

Prices start at $270


with Buttercream Frosting –                               Price range starts at        $3.30+

with Cream Cheese Frosting  –                          Price range starts at         $3.40 +

with chocolate Ganache Frosting                    Price range starts at          $3.40 +


Cupcake Toppers

2D  – (flat design)                                              Price range starts at         $3.50 +

3D  – (figurine)                                                   Price range starts at        $9.50 +

Cake Toppers

2D – Flat design                                                Price range starts at        $ 30 +

3D – figurine                                                      Price range starts at        $60 +

As I have mentioned these prices are a guide only, the best way to find out the price for the cake you would like, is send me your quote enquiry.

Fill in my enquiry form for details about how to have a fabulous cake at your next celebration.

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