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Cruise Ship Cake

Posted on Jul 27, 2014 by in All, Birthday, Cakes, Cakes for Adults, Cakes for Women, Celebration Cakes | 1 comment

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I received this amazing text ” The girls loved their cake soooo much, they kept their little characters.  Everyone thought it was delicious, I have recommended you to everyone!  You are amazingly talented and so thoughtful thank you for contributing to making the girls 21st such a memorable occasion.




1 Comment

  1. Ainsley, the photo's look fantastic on your site. I still look at the little figurines and think how much they looked like the girls. Their hairstyles, their favourite colours, you just did such and amazing job. The effort you put into gathering information that would make the cake more personal was so impressive. I'm about to order another cake off you very soon and will be doing so for all of our future occasions. Btw: the girls thoroughly enjoyed their 21st cruise ;o)

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